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 fiocchetti Fiocchetti, Italy – Medical & Scientific Refrigeration. www.fiocchetti.it
 operon Cryogenic Cooling And Ultra Low Freezer Operon, Korea – Cryogenic Cooling And Ultra Low Freezer. www.operon.co.kr
 labtop Labtop, India – Blood Collection Monitor, Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Platelet Incubator & Agitator, Plasma Thawing Bath. www.labtopindia.com
biotage Biotage, Sweden – Sample preparation, Evaporation, Peptide Synthesis & Purification.www.biotage.com
abdos2 Abdos Labware, Plastic Labware Manufacturers & Suppliers, New Delhi – Plastic Labware Manufacturers & Suppliers. www.abdoslabware.com
 TBS Triangle Biomedical Scientific, USA – Histology Reagents & Equipment. www.trianglebiomedical.com
 clintech Clintech Ltd, United Kingdom – Coated paramagnetic beads, HbS Solubility (sickle cell) test kits, staining kits, haematology, microbiology, fertility test, parasitology, histology dry stains. www.clin-tech.co.uk
 scytek ScyTek, USA – Staining kits, haematology + blood transfusion, microbiology, fertility test, parasitology, histology dry stains. www.scytek.com
 tedpella TedPella, Microscopy Products for Science and Industry, USA  – Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Failure Analysis, Forensics, Genetics, Histology, Material Science, MEMS, Materialography, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Neurosciences, Physics, Quality Assurance, Semiconductors. www.tedpella.com
 celltrac  Celltrac, UK – Electronic Manual Cell Counters. www.celltrac.co.uk
 discoverx  DiscoverX, USA – Cell Lines, Assay ready Kits, Biochemical Assays, cAMP Assays, Detection Reagent, Ligands & Inhibitors, Bioassays, Pharmacochaperone Assays, Toxicity & Safety. www.discoverx.com
 perfint  Perfint, USA – Image guided interventional procedures with an emphasis on oncology and pain care. www.perfinthealthcare.com
 histoline  Histoline, Malaysia – All routine histologi reagents. www.saujanasaintifik.com.my
 medical  SS Medical, Malaysia – Affordable refrigerant that will meet your budget. www.saujanasaintifik.com.my


 vestfrost Vestfrost, Cooling Solutions For Professionals, Denmark – Ice Lined Chest Type Refrigerator for Vaccine. www.vestfrostsolutions.com
 kugel  Kugel Medical, Germany – Autopsy table, body trays, elevators and transport trucks, shelf device, preparation cabinets, dissection of instruments, stainless steel furniture. www.kugel-medical.de
 cbs Custom Biogenics System, USA – Liquid Nitrogen Tanks, Controlled Rate Freezing systems, Cryo-boxes, Dewars, Racks, Transfer Hoses. www.custombiogenics.com
 mse MSE, United Kingdom  – Centrifuges; refrigerated & non-refrigerated, ultrasonic disintegrator. www.mseuk.co.uk
emg Millipore, USA – Water purification system, proteomics, genomics, drug. www.millipore.com
 and A&D Company Ltd, Japan  – Analytical balances, industrial balances, precision balances, moisture balances, bench and portable scale, digital scales, compact scales, printer for balances. www.aandd.co.jp
 3b 3B Scientific, USA – Human Anatomy,Therapy products, Physiotherapy,Acupunture, Simulators and Trainers, Science and Health, Physics. www.3bscientific.com
diapath Diapath, Italy – Complete Solution for Anatomic Pathology. www.diapath.com
 flmedical  FL Medical, Italy – Test tube,Blood collection tubes and serum separator tubes. www.flmedical.com
 Gima Gima, Italy – Medical Appliances and consumables.


 stuart  Stuart, USA – General Laboratory Equipment. www.stuart-equipment.com
 gfl  GFL, Germany – GFL Water Stills.www.gfl.de
 lec  LEC, United Kingdom – Modern Laboratory Refrigerator. www.lec.co.uk
labcold Labcold, Medical & Scientific Refrigeration, United Kingdom – Medical & Scientific Refrigeration. www.labcold.com
 burkle  Burkle, Denmark – Pumps &Samplers for Laboratory & industrial equipment. www.buerkle.de
 3m  3M, USA – Food Safety. solutions.3m.com
 orto  Ortoalresa, Spain – High quality centrifugation machine. www.ortoalresa.com
 systerm  Systerm, Malaysia – All chemicals and Reagents
 r&m  R&M, Malaysia – All chemicals and Reagents
 sigma  Sigma-Aldrich, USA – High quality chemical, reagents and consumables. www.sigmaaldrich.com